Welcome to Bola Ayo Ministries

Pastor Bola (Preye ) Ayo has dedicated her life to God in truth and in spirit , she has decided to to be used by GOD to encourage, motivate, inspire and bless the people' of God around the World via online prayers and physical prayers programs. She has participated in many online and physical preaching engagements that has blessed the lives of many people world wide.

After relocating from the United States of America she decided to relocate to Nigeria to be around her family for a few years then she took up ministry , while in Nigeria she set up an intercessory prayer chains and networks were God has issued her mightily to change lives and bless people.

Bola has a mandate to enthrone leaders into office and she operates with a strong prophetic mantle for the Nations, God has used her to pray many African Presidents and World Leaders into office - she works with a prayer team who carry

the mandate to enthrone leaders world wide , Pastor Bola does not only pray for the leaders but runs an organization called "Project Presidential Global Consulting" - which she runs along side her working and business Apostle Terry Thomason - who is married with children, Apostle is presently the senior pastor of House of Victory City International Church in Port - Harcourt - Nigeria.

With a background in International Relations Law and another degree in international business down her sleeves , she has worked with a few multinationals companies in the United States and years later she moved to Nigeria to work for more multinationals , until she decided to answer the call of God.

She is the last born from a family of 10 ; being a daughter of a senator in the Federal Republic of Nigeria she gain some political knowledge from her father , which has helped her through life , her mother having passed on at a young age , Pastor Bola had to grow up not having her mother by her side , she was determined to make it in life and destiny.

Ministering in jails is one of her specialties and street evangelism is something she had gotten so fond of doing , she accepted her public call to ministry a few years ago and she has since not looked back.

Pastor Bee as fondly called by many has preached and ministered at Women Conferences and she is aware that the women ministry is one that God has called her into.

God has given her a unction and mandate to de - populate HELL and to populate HEAVEN , in her ministry she believes that when prayer becomes a habit victory becomes a life style, she also believes in Jesus and She believes solely in HIS power ; she believes in prayer and holiness , as this is the pillar for her ministry.

In her work with God she has shown unwavering faith, she made the decision to devote her life and service to the ministry.

Her ministry is strictly a prayer ministry and she was not called to run a church but a ministry - her passion is to pray and intercede for various people world wide , God has used and is still using her to heal and deliver various people world wide.

The work of the Lord has always been first and foremost in her heart. Her unique style of preaching and extremely funny personality is noticeable to all who hear her preach.

She has ministered to those in need of healing of the mind, body, and soul. Sometimes she finds time to visit the sick, make calls to members, conduct bible study, online prayer sessions, continuous midnight sessions , deliverance sessions and she spend time studying God's word so as to bless the people of God.


Her focus and truly ultimate desire is to see people fully embrace God's love and to walk in victory and power the power of God, in the process of experiencing the fullness of God's promises and grace.

Bola Believes......

  • She believes in prayers
  • She believes in holiness and righteousness
  • She believes in fasting
  • She believes in the word of God
  • She believes in living to please God
  • She believes, Jesus died and He was raised from the dead
  • She believes, Jesus is the son of God
  • She believes in the finish work of Calvary
  • She believes in power and the demonstration of power of GOD
  • She believes we can do all things through Christ
  • She believes in the supernatural power of God

Minister Bola is working on her books, but one book that stands out for her "Changing the natural to the unnatural" This book teaches the believers how to be REAL with GOD and theirs selves.

She also runs a dress responsibly ministry - were she teaches women to dress to glorify God , She runs a charity organization , she runs another prayer ministry - Yeshua prayer ministries , while doing all this she runs a family institution with her family , which is Nursey, Primary and Secondary group of schools were they teach students good Christian values.

Pastor Bee , enjoys reading , writing, cooking , shopping , exercising, dancing, and just spending time with her family.

Our Testimonials

What our devotees say about Us.

Prophetess Gbemisola Ambode

YouInspireMe International Lagos, Nigeria.

Pastor Bola Preye Ayo is a woman of God with a distinct passion for souls and she has a strong desire to bring men into kingdom mandate for God. She is a king maker, history maker and Jesus lover. You can't be around Pastor Bola and not catch fire for God. Her fire radiates so much that you become ignited to do more for Jesus. She is a seed sower and God chaser. I love her energy and the way she helps people too. Go bless you Pastor Bola Preye Ayo.


Prophet Olawale Peter Ambode

Ark of God Global Ministries Lagos, Nigeria.

Pastor Bola is a woman of God with a large heart. She is so very passionate about intercessding for people that she hardly sleep or rest . She loves God and she is a kingdom advancer. A dedicated service personnel, a true defination of a strong willed and a soul lifter. God bless her for what she does for the body of Christ.


Prophet Philip Simon

Senior Pastor

Mama has travel many countries for missionary purpose carrying the true message of the cross along. She has built and is still building many pastors after GOD'S heart with fear and trembling. Prophetess moves without fear of any sort, her faith is so admirable. She is result oriented. I in particular aspire to be like her and i earnestly pray to achieve her feat and grace. Join me lets celebrate, lets praise GOD and appreciate heavens for giving this generation a true daughter of zoin Prophetess Bola Preye Ayo.